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Don't neglect your gutters...

November 19, 2019

Happy New Year 2019!

December 31, 2018

It's Time To Clear Those Blocked Gutters !

September 30, 2018

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It's Time To Clear Those Blocked Gutters !

September 30, 2018



Blocked and poorly maintained gutters are one of the leading causes for water ingress and property damage. Brickwork, soffits and facias are a barrier to wind and rain around your roof but cannot perform adequately without gutters doing their job, effectively channeling water to the ground.


When the rain starts to fall more regularly after a long hot summer this is an all to common sight. Rain water pouring over the sides of gutters, down brickwork, into cracks, joints and recesses on the outside of your house.



Collected debris over the spring and summer, moss, twigs even small weeds will all build up in your gutters. Add to this the increased rainfall in October and November and you can quickly find you have a problem.


Rain water will drive debris into your down pipes and drains causing a bigger drainage problem. Water overflowing from gutters can run down brickwork, around windows and eves and damage weatherproofing and mortar overtime, potentially leading to ingress into the property.


Most property maintenance professionals will recommend your gutters are cleaned at least once annually, twice ideally. But more often than not,this simple and cost effective maintenance is ignored. Left unattended, something as simple as blocked gutter can spur many more difficult to manage and costly problems.


In the past clearing gutters was a messy, time consuming process. Involving ladders, buckets and thick gloves. Things have moved on and today's powerful gutter vacuums suck away blockages from the hardest to reach areas, with minimal mess, in a fraction of the time. Making what was a significant job an easy bi-annual routine. Saving you time and money.



We have seen demand for our gutter vacuuming service grow as people realise this easy solution to clean gutters 

significantly reduces the risk of other property problems heading into the winter months. Prevention is the cure!


The gutter vacuum allows us to easily reach difficult areas without the need to lean ladders against the property. 

If you have not yet cleaned your gutters this year or it's been several months since they were last cleared, now is the perfect time to make sure they are ready to perform as you expect over the winter. Don't hesitate to contact us for advice or a quotation.


Based in Crawley Down village, IK Garden Services provide a full range of Garden & Property Services to the surrounding Sussex and Surrey area. If you are looking for friendly advice or help with your garden it would be great to hear from you.



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